Every child should have one of
 these Boxes.
Erin Merryn, MSW
Adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and creator of Erin’s Law, which requires age appropriate sexual abuse prevention in 26 states

The Body Safety Box meets Erin’s Law requirements for elementary school students. The Body Safety Box is an evidence-based educational kit offering elementary school-aged children the most active, engaging, and kid-friendly learning opportunities available to help prevent physical and sexual abuse.

All activities are designed with the latest brain research incorporating ways that children learn best. Rather than boring worksheet-type lessons, The Body Safety Box provides children with a series of fun projects they love and remember—making a sensitive topic both age appropriate and understandable. The Body Safety Box equips children with the skills they need to help stay safe and protected for a lifetime.

The Body Safety Box has helped to protect children in 31 states and three countries to date. We are delighted to work with state departments of education, school districts, and elementary schools to meet the requirements of Erin’s Law for elementary school-aged children and can customize The Body Safety Box to meet your school’s individual needs.

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