Our Activities

Our ActivitiesThe Body Safety Box™ comes in two versions—one for children ages 5-8, and one for children ages 9-12.

The Body Safety Box™ for Ages 5-8 includes directions, language for parents, and all needed materials for seven kid-friendly activities including framed artwork, a spinner game, stick puppets, magnetized artwork, a personalized hardcover book, and a beach ball game. Many of these items are uniquely designed to be displayed in your child's room to be seen and used multiple times.

Our ActivitiesThe Body Safety Box™ for Ages 9-12 includes directions, language for parents, and all needed materials for six kid-friendly activities including hanging artwork, a hardcover book and dice set, pillowcase, reversible artwork, removable wall decal, and hanging memoboard. These fun items are loved by children.

As a former classroom teacher, Dr. Missy Gryder developed The Body Safety Box™ incorporating current brain research and a firm knowledge base on meeting children's social and emotional needs. All activities in The Body Safety Box™ are consistent with the ways children learn best. Our activities are active, engaging, and fun for children—making our important prevention message memorable!

Our Look

Our LookAt The Body Safety Box™, we deeply value children. Our logo and packaging incorporate kid art and kid fonts created by kid artists. We hope you enjoy the beauty of their work!

The Body Safety Box™ is about kids and for kids. The activities your child will complete in The Body Safety Box™ offer opportunities to nurture your child's individual identity and worth and may be customized with your child's own art and writing.

We also use environmentally friendly elements whenever possible. The paper used for the direction sheets contains post-consumer content, one of the hardcover books uses wood-free paper, the clear bags contain recycled materials, and the colored pencils use reforested wood.

Our Cause

Our CauseThe Body Safety Box™ exists to help children grow and develop unhindered into the fullness of their unique and precious design. We believe being kept safe from physical and sexual abuse is among a child’s deepest needs and is a fundamental human right.

With every Body Safety Box™ you purchase, we will provide an abuse prevention lesson for a child in need.