About Us

Our Mission

At h.e.l.p.s. for kids, LLC, we develop and provide the finest in research-based educational resources to promote children’s optimal social and emotional learning and health. H.e.l.p.s. for kids, LLC, and our first product—The Body Safety Box™—exist to nurture and protect our children and help them grow and develop unhindered into the fullness of their unique and precious design. Our higher purpose is to free children up to grow from a secure base of having their deepest needs impeccably met so they may mature into adults who are well able to fulfill their highest life callings.

Our Story

Our story is a simple one.

It comes down to helping children grow and develop unhindered into the fullness of their unique and precious design.

As a classroom teacher, Body Safety Box™ founder Dr. Missy Gryder loved helping the children in her care to feel welcomed and valued at school. Each child was known and treasured—in Missy's classrooms, meeting children's social and emotional needs was of equal importance to meeting their academic needs. The more Missy learned in her own professional development about the epidemic levels of abuse and what little was being done in prevention, the more compelled she became to devote her professional energies to meeting children's social and emotional needs at a baseline level by first preventing abuse.

Missy left the classroom in 2006 to create the HELPS Project™, a research-based series of seven hours of direct abuse prevention instruction provided for children in their kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. HELPS is active, engaging, and child-friendly—skillfully teaching sensitive content in ways that are memorable and age appropriate. HELPS has reached over 1,500 children to date with 91.3% of children scoring 80% or greater on post-assessment measures.

Together with HELPS' marked quantitative success and even more significant qualitative excellence, Missy embarked to package these lessons to reach the masses. H.e.l.p.s for kids, LLC, and The Body Safety Box™ were born. The Body Safety Box has served children in 31 states, Canada, Africa, and India to date. Our vision is nothing short of a world of unhindered, healthy, and vibrant children—living and loving at their highest possible potential.

Our Founder

Dr. Missy GryderDr. Missy Gryder is the developer of The Body Safety Box™ and serves as Founder and President of h.e.l.p.s. for kids, LLC. Missy began her career in elementary education and taught children in first and second grades for twelve years. She also served on the faculty of Arizona State University East (now Polytechnic) preparing pre-service teachers and taught graduate courses at Arizona State University's Tempe campus.

Since 2006, Missy has led the HELPS Project™, a non-profit child abuse prevention project serving kindergarten through fifth grade children in their public school classrooms. She began h.e.l.p.s. for kids, LLC, and launched The Body Safety Box™ in 2010. Missy's extensive classroom and university experience coupled with her firm knowledge base in meeting children's social and emotional needs, creating positive classroom environments, early literacy development, and brain-compatible best classroom practices provide The Body Safety Box™ with a rich, research-based foundation for outstanding learning experiences for children.

Missy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Education from Arizona State University.