Every child should have one of these Boxes. Erin Merryn, MSW
Adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and creator of Erin's Law, which requires sexual abuse prevention in 26 states
The Body Safety Boxes are terrific. Marcia Stanton, MSW
Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator
Phoenix Children's Hospital
My kids love their Boxes! Lina Muñoz, M.Ed.
Elementary School Principal
Mom of three
Where was this when I was a kid? Adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse

Give your children the skills they need to refuse and report abuse.

Shockingly, child abuse affects one in four girls and one in six boys across all demographic boundaries.

The Body Safety Box™ is a research-based educational kit containing a collection of fun, engaging, kid-friendly learning projects created to help prevent child abuse and keep our children safe.

With every Body Safety Box™ you purchase, we will provide an abuse prevention lesson for a child in need.

The Body Safety Box™ is prevention at its best — for every child!

Body Safety Box Contents